Founder’s Journey

As a screenwriter turned entrepreneur, the red thread throughout my career has always been passionate storytelling, seeing stories as the foundation for human connection.

In 2020, I began searching for new ways to tell stories, evolving my medium and connecting with a new community. In seeking inspiration, I stumbled upon aerial dance and soon fell in love with it. What drew me to this art form was the incredible challenge and artistry it presented, which was unlike any other sport I had encountered. Not only did it demand both physical and mental strength, but also impeccable timing and rhythm.

I was inspired by the way aerial dance allowed me to express myself in ways I never thought possible, and by the sense of sisterhood and support I found in the aerial arts community. As I trained and grew stronger, I found my passion for athleisure fashion growing as well. Each piece in my closet holds a special memory, reminding me of the hard work and dedication that I put into my craft.

That’s when I turned to my own closet and realized that some of the most impactful stories were not communicated by words. Rather, they came alive in each piece of clothing I owned. Some of my clothes were as old as I was, and transported me back to the places I had been, the people I loved, and the experiences I had lived. 

Realizing the strong potential for fashion to foster connection and inspire transformation, I knew that activewear was the perfect storytelling medium with the ability to take women through every phase of their lives.

Gazelle was created as an ode to memory, offering women timeless apparel that empowers them to write their own stories, and build a unique archive of memories while enjoying a perfect balance of form and function as they take on life's greatest adventures in style.



About Our Sneakers

Made with Trino®️, a unique material consisting of all-natural Eucalyptus fiber imported from South Africa, as well as merino wool.

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About Our Activewear

(Coming Soon) Crafted with premium Italian fabrics.

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